Buffalo Ice Ball 2012

Ice Ball

A New Years Eve event held in the Statler Towers located in downtown Buffalo, NY

Ice Ball 2012 Update

November 6, 2012

Still waiting on a response for this year's Ice Ball 2012 from iceball@statlercity.com on the follow qoute.

Mark Croce: "I think what we're going to do is for anybody that might have had any level of disappointment, we're going to find a way to have either a make up party or throw another complimentary party and say 'hey thank you for your support'

Check it out in this video:

Ice Ball 2011

Jan 1, 2012

I was truly excited to ring in 2012 at Ice Ball this year. As someone who attended the Ice Ball before the Statler closed down for remodeling in 2009 I could only expect bigger and better with the $150 ticket price (double what it was prior.) It is also nice to see someone doing something new in the area and putting the historical building to use. Unfortunately this turned out to be a terribly run event that ruined the magic of the wonderful arena. A ticket price of $30 would have been more suited to what you actually got out of the event. Jacking up the ticket prices an extra $25 before the event and the simply overselling it. It eventually just turned into waiting in angry, hot, long lines of understaffed bars. People were terribly frustrated openly at this event and the most common quote commonly uttered throughout the night was “I will never do this again.”

How does the Ice Ball run out of ice?

It is sad to see an event that had such promise, botched this badly. Some things were done right, but in the end most people ended up feeling generally slighted. If they do this again in 2012 BYOB.

At least the single bartender here was hot.

On the bright side at least the food was good while it lasted.